Chat is a good tool to talk to people online and discuss some topics about wikis and your usual topic. It is also a good tool to solve vandalism. This tool can only be activated by admins in the wiki and staff. To activate chat, you must go to "Admin" and click "Wiki Features". Scroll down until you see "Chat", then click the button "Disabled" and it will automatically turn to "Enabled".


Q. Chat is not working in IE 8!

A. Yes, chat is not working in Internet Explorer 8 as it is an obsolete version either the tools and javascript. To solve this problem, either you upgrade to IE 9 (Only applies to Windows 7) or download any of the new version of the explorer, e.g. Opera, Konqueror, Firefox etc.

Q. Why doesn't it seem to appear "Chat" once I enabled it?

A. Sometimes you need to clear your cache or close your browser and click again to make it effective. To clear your cache, press CTRL+F4 in IE, Chrome and Firefox. Opera users have to clear their caches through Tools→Preferences while Konqueror and Safari only need to click the "Reload" button is just alright.

You can ask any questions if you have any problems.